Committees Of The Legislative Assembly

Participating in Standing Committees is an important role of regular Members. These Committees monitor and provide oversight with respect to the operations of the GNWT’s departments, boards and public agencies, review legislation and public audits of the government, gather and evaluate information on government programs and services and matters of public interest, and recommend courses of action. Committees provide an opportunity for the public to take part in the decision-making process. Committees regularly use a variety of tools to engage the public and provide information, including the Legislative Assembly website, news releases, social media, in-house television broadcasting system, radio and television rebroadcasts of proceedings, publication of Hansard, town halls, public meetings, and public requests for comments on specific reports and legislation. 

Changes to existing legislation and proposed new laws are developed as Public Bills, and sponsored by a Government Minister.  Regular Members may also sponsor Bills to amend existing legislation or propose new legislation, provided the proposal does not involve the appropriation of public funds or the imposition of a tax.  Once a Bill is introduced in the Legislative Assembly, it is referred to the appropriate Standing Committee for review after second reading.  The Committee’s responsibility is to consult with residents of the NWT on what they like or dislike about a particular Bill and to propose amendments to the draft legislation, and to report to the House. The public is always welcome to attend public meetings. I will ensure these meetings are posted to my Facebook page. These meetings are also posted to Legislative Assembly website under the ‘Events’ section and Legislative Assembly Facebook page.

I sit on five different committees:

  • Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Programs
  • Member of the Standing Committee on Government Operations
  • Member of the Standing Committee on Accountability & Oversight
  • Alternate Member of the Standing Committee on Economic Development & Environment
  • Member of the Board of Management

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