19th Legislative Assembly Priorities

Priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly

The 19th Legislative Assembly directs the Cabinet to work in partnership with Indigenous and Community governments to implement the following priorities for the benefit of the people of the Northwest Territories:

  • Settle and implement treaty, land, resources, and self-government agreements.
  • Implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Improve early childhood development indicators for all children.
  • Advance universal child care by increasing availability and affordability.
  • Increase student education outcomes to the same level as the rest of Canada.
  • Create a Polytechnic University.
  • Increase regional decision-making authority.
  • Reduce the municipal funding gap.
  • Increase employment in small communities.
  • Increase the number of affordable homes and reduce core housing need.
  • Make strategic infrastructure investments that connect communities, expand the economy or reduce the cost of living, including the Mackenzie Valley Highway, the Slave Geological Corridor and the Taltson Hydro Project.
  • Increase economic diversification by supporting growth in non-extractive sectors and setting regional diversification targets.
  • Increase resource exploration and development.
  • Reduce the cost of power and increase the use of alternative and renewable energy.
  • Ensure government procurement and contracting maximizes benefits to residents and businesses.
  • Adopt a benefit retention approach to economic development.
  • Increase the number of resident health care professionals by at least 20 per cent.
  • Increase the number and variety of culturally respectful, community-based mental health and addictions programs, including aftercare.
  • Enable seniors to age in place with dignity.
  • Strengthen the government’s leadership and authority on climate change.
  • Ensure climate change impacts are specifically considered when making government decisions.
  • Increase food security through locally produced, harvested, and affordable food.

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